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نوع العمل التجاري: الصانع, الشركة التجارية
نتاج/خدمة: محطم ، التقطيع ، e آلة إعادة تدوير النفايات
الموقع: Henan, China (Mainland)
عام التأسيس فيه: 2008
عدد الموظفين: 11 - 50 شخص
إجمالي الإيرادات(العام الماضي): US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
الأسواق الرئيسية: السوق المحلي,جنوب شرق آسيا,جنوب أوروبا,جنوب آسيا,غرب أوروبا
شهادات المنتج: three-in-one dust catcher,A kind of printed circuit board pulverizer,moody international certification,ENVIRONMETAL MAMAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION,business license,promotion certification of Environmental Protection Industry zhengzhou city,Sanxing brand register,Outstanding Enterprice,THE BEST QUALITY ENTERPRICE,THE OUTSTANDING FAMOUS BRAND
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Henan Province Sanxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing, researching and developing breaking plants. We are the only one enterprise which passed Moody International Certification (ISO9001:2008) and won Environmental Management System Certificate (GB/T24001-2004 (ISO14004:2004)) and Quality Management System Certificate (GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO9001:2000) in the same industry. We are also the only one enterprise which produces breaking and disassembling equipment for circuit boards in Henan Province. Our company recently launches a series of environment-friendly machinery, such as environment-friendly printed circuit board recycling equipment, environment-friendly ultra-fine wood flour making machines, environment-friendly fume-dust purification processing equipment, cycling wind ultra-fine powder making machines, cycling wind pulverizers, Sanxing multi-level high pressure separators, capacitance recycling equipment, aluminum-plastic recycling equipment, Sanxing vertical wood flour making machines, and two-stage and two-compartment wood flour making machines. These machines are the newest environmental protection type machinery without polluting air and discharging waste water and gas. Our company has won two utility model pattern certificates of granular electrical conductors and non-electrical conductors. We have separation devices (patent No.: ZL200720089238.1), printed circuit board recycling wind pressure separators (patent No.: ZL200720089239.6), a kind of printed circuit board pulverizer (patent No.: ZL200720093087.7), a kind of printed circuit board disassembling device (patent No.: ZL200720093090.9), a kind of triple dust catcher (patent No.: ZL200720093091.3), a kind of two-stage and two-compartment wood flour machine (patent No.: ZL200720093093.2), a kind of three-stage wood flour making machine (patent No.: ZL200720093089.6), a kind of multi-stage herbs pulverizer (patent No.: ZL200720093088.1), a kind of swirl fume-gas purifying and dedusting tower device (patent No: 200920088802.7), a kind of foam fume-gas purifying and dedusting tower device (patent No: 200920088804.6), a kind of cyclonic whirl foam fume-gas purifying and dedusting tower device (patent No: 200920088805.0) and a kind of multi-stage catalytic cracking purifying and melting furnace device (patent No: 200920088803.1). Our company has gathered a large number of scientific research and managerial talents, who stick to the spirit of "active innovation", representing an advanced level in the same business of our country. Our company has created an employee team forging ahead in unity and working in high efficiency and strict discipline. In order to meet the requirements of enterprise development and market competition, our company has established a first-class modern manufacturing and detecting base and a nationwide sales network to provide the considerate service for nearly thousands of customers. We has been adhering to the business thought of "Quality Thrives Enterprise", pursuing the service aim of "Consumer Satisfaction" and taking "Good Faith, Practice and Reality " as the foundation of our management. Our company has won many awards from the governmental technical supervision department, such as "Trustworthy Product Quality", "Good Credit of After-sales service", "The product quality is the life of an enterprise", etc. Our advantages are modern scientific management, excelsior products and production equipment with advanced technology and strict test means. Our tenet is "Honest Operation and Quality-oriented". We sincerely welcome new and old users to visit our factory. Wish we create a better tomorrow hand in hand together!

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السعة التجارية السوق المحلي : 59.04% جنوب شرق آسيا : 11.34% عرض أكثر
سعة الإنتاج حجم المصنع : 3,000-5,000 متر مربع عدد خطوط الإنتاج : 4 عرض أكثر
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