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500w ألم 808nm الليزر إزالة الشعر ديود ليزر عالية الطاقة 808nm ديود الليزر آلة

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مكان المنشأ:
Shaanxi, China
اسم العلامة التجارية:
Taibo الجمال
رقم الموديل:
نوع الليزر:
808nm صمام ثنائيّ ليزر
CE ISO13485
مزيل شعر, إزالة الشعر بالليزر
الطول الموجي:
فعالة 808nm ديود إزالة الشعر بالليزر
الثابتة 808nm صمام ثنائيّ ليزر
حجم البقعة:
12 مللي متر * 12 مللي متر
شريط ليزر:
ألمانيا شريط ليزر
2 سنوات
دليل المستخدم + فيديو + التدريب عبر الإنترنت
شاشة 12.1 بوصة ملونة تعمل باللمس
1-10 هرتز قابل للتعديل
نبض عرض مجموعة:
5-400 ms
ل التجارية و الاستخدام المنزلي

التعبئة والتغليف والتوصيل

بيع وحدات:
عنصر واحد
حزمة واحدة الحجم: 
52.5X50.5X119.5 سم
واحد الوزن الإجمالي:
60.000 كجم
نوع الحزمة:
عالية الطاقة 808nm ديود ليزر آلة معبأة لسبائك الألومنيوم مجموعة واحدة 500w مؤلم 808nm الليزر ديبيلياتيون ليزر ديود ليزر مربع.
مثال للصورة:
Lead Time :
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Video Description
Species of 808nm

          500w painless 808nm laser depilation diode laser high power 808nm diode laser machine


         WE CAN DO 300W/500W/600w/1200W(3 WAVELENGETHS 808NM/755NM/1064NM)


New design of painless 808nm laser depilation:
Portable 808nm diode laser 300wat (single wavelength/ triple wavelengths)

Vertical 808nm diode laser 300wat (single wavelength/ triple wavelengths )

Portable 808nm diode laser 500wat

Vertical 808nm diode laser 500wat

Portable 808nm diode laser 600wat

Vertical 808nm diode laser 600wat

Portable 808nm diode laser triple wavelengths

Vertical 808nm diode laser triple wavelengths

vertical 808nm diode laser 1200wat


Painless 808nm laser depilation PERMANENT & PAINLESS
(1)2 years free warranty. Lifelong technical service
(2)Detailed User Manual and Face-to-Face Training



Product Description


Painless 808nm laser depilation Technical Parameters:

Laser type  Diode Laser
wavelength  808nm laser
Output Mode   Pulse output
Control Method  Touch control
Screen Size    12.1 Inch
Energy density  0-120J/cm2 
Pulse width range  5-400ms

Input power:2400w

Output Power:500w

Frequency  1-10HZ
Light spot surface temperature   0--5℃
Cooling System   Water cooling,eletronic cooling,semiconductor cooling system+air cooling
Packing size    52.5×50.5×119.5cm
Net weight   36.5kg
Fuse specification   Ø5×25 10A
Power    AC220V±10% 10A 50HZ , 110v±10% 10A 60HZ


Product Overviews


The Advantages of painless 808nm laser depilation :

1.Laser handle 100% no risk of damage(replace handle for free if it damage within 1year)

2.Long Pulse Width: Make sure heating hair follicle, lasting hair removal 400ms

3.Strong Cooling: semiconductor + air +water+Electronic refrigeration Instance cooling skin, safe and comfortable

4. High quality spare parts --all the core components are imported .
5.Fast Speed: slide treatment to make it safety and convenience 10HZ

6. Newly designed diode laser handle, more stable and convenient to use.

7. High quality water filter and testmeter, insures the high purity for the water, prolong the lifetime of laser bar.
8. Long continuously working one day with constant temperature
9. Sliding treatment way, spot size 12*12mm, remove hair fastly and effectively
10.Permanent hair removal results,?suitable for all hair and skin types
11.Totally painless treatment,72hours non-stop continue working

Speed 808nm Wavelength

Half the treatment time.
The classic wavelength in laser hair removal, the 808nm wavelength, offers deep penetration of the hair follicle with high average power, a high repetition rate and a large spot size for fast treatment. 808nm diode laser has a moderate melanin absorption level making it safe for darker skin types. Its deep penetration capabilities target the Bulge and Bulb of the hair follicle while moderate tissue depth penetration makes it ideal for treating the arms, legs, cheeks and beard.


The principle of depilation diode laser 808nm:
808nm diode laser can penetrate the epidermis to reach the deep hair follicle tissue effectively, by special setting the pulse duration guarantee the target tissue to generate sufficient thermal damage and the surrounding tissue is almost unaffected;


Triple wavelength diode laser is more effective for all kinds of hair color and skin color, 755nm wavelength more effective for light hair color and skin color, 1064nm is more effective for dark hair color and skin color.


Application of high power 808nm diode laser machine:
1.Body hair removal
2 Face hair removal
3.Arms & legs hair removal
4.Brow & bikini line hair removal etc.


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1. What is laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal uses a laser equipment that emits laser light of a specific wavelength, which selectively act on the root of hair follicles.When energy is absorbed, the hair follicles root are damaged and fall off completely, so hair removal is achieved.

2. Will hairs be completely removed with one single laser hair removal treatment?
One single treatment of laser hair removal will not remove all the hairs, because hair has three growth phases, the active phase, transitional phase, and resting phase. When laser hair removal treatment is applied, it only acts on the hair follicle cells that are on the root of hairs in the active phase, depriving their ability of growth permanently. As for the hairs in their transitional or resting phase, the laser cannot reach their follicle cells directly, so only hairs can be temporarily removed.


3. How many treatments of laser hair removal is needed?
When using laser hair removal treatments, due to the different growth phase of hairs, one single treatment will not remove hairs completely, and several treatments are required. In general, a complete course of laser hair removal need 3-5 treatments, with 4-6 weeks in between each treatment. The effectiveness and number of treatments required depend on individual’s hair colour, unique properties and growth phase, and may vary from person to person.


4. Is laser hair removal suitable for everyone?
People with the following conditions should not receive laser hair removal treatment: allergy or scar diathesis, hepatitis / syphilis / skin infection, blood diseases and coagulation disorders, during
menstrual period, recent use of vasodilator/ joint pain medication, allergy to bleach, keloid diathesis, having received other hair removal methods within 6 weeks, and dark skin.


5. What part of the body’s hairs can be removed by laser?
In general, laser can remove thick hairs on hairline, under armpits, lip hairs, beard, hairs in bikini area and hairs on limbs, chest, and back.


6. Does hair removal of different areas require the same number of treatments?
No, depending on the area of hair removal and condition, different number of treatments will be applied, also laser of different energy levels will be used. This is because hairs in different areas have different thicknesses, density, and ability of regrowth.
In general, the denser the hairs, the thicker the hairs shaft, the higher energy level of the laser light is required, and the more treatments are needed.


7. What is the laser hair removal process like?
Prior to laser hair removal, the thickness of hair follicles and the density of hair should be measured with instruments, based on which a hair removal plan can be made. Laser hair removal requires skin preparation (removal of surface hair), application of gel, laser hair removal(20-30 minutes of treatment), and ice compression of the area after treatment (to ease the discomfort).


8. Is laser hair removal painful?
It is certainly a lie to claim that laser hair removal is not painful. After all, it works on the very deep hair follicles root.
However, the pain is not unbearable. Individuals have different tolerance for pain, hence they will feel different degrees of pain  during treatments. Usually pain is not clearly felt when hair on limbs is being removed. A slight tingling pain may be felt when armpit hair or facial hair is being removed.


9. Will laser hair removal damage the skin?
Some must say, “When the hairs are removed with laser, it will surely burn the skin, because such a heavy amount of laser light is shot at skin”. It is right to think so, but nowadays laser equipment is equipped with a cooling device on the treatment head. It will cool the surrounding skin as it opens the hair follicles. It will not burn the skin, as long as it is operated correctly.


10. Will sweating be affected after laser hair removal?
No, even if the hair follicles are completely removed, the ducts of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles are still present, so the sebum secreted by the skin glands can still be expelled normally. Sweat is excreted through the ducts of sweat glands,irrelevant to the ducts of the hair follicles. For example, palms do not have hair follicles, but they can sweat.


11. Will laser hair removal result in darker and thicker hairs?
Dark and thick hairs will grow after the first treatment of many hair removal methods such as hair removal cream, wax hair removal, etc. Such hairs will not grow after the first laser hair removal treatment, rather, the hairs that were in their transitional or resting phase will grow into thin and soft hairs.


12. Will laser hair removal accelerate hair growth?
It will not. Although hairs seem grow faster after laser hair removal, it is only a misconception. Besides, if the hairs are uprooted, after a period of time, the regrown hairs will only be thinner and softer, and less able to grow faster.


13. Is laser hair removal effect permanent?
Laser hair removal is a complete destruction of hair follicles cells in the active phase. Generally, multiple treatments can completely destroy hair follicles cells. Once the hairs in active phase are completely removed, it will not grow again. This effect is permanent (only if multiple treatments are received).


14. What are the precautions before and after a laser hair removal operation?
Before laser hair removal, it is necessary to avoid sunlight exposure, use sunscreen for more than 2 weeks, clean skin of the area to be treated, and remove grease from the skin surface. For people that are particularly sensitive to pain, topical anesthesia is recommended. Contact with water should be avoided within hours after laser hair removal. During the day of treatment, soap or body wash should not be used to clean treated area, and cosmetics should not be used on the area treated. Prolonged sun exposure, sauna, and massage should be avoided within 2 days after treatment, and sunscreen should be used outdoor, etc.


15. Is sunbathing allowed immediately after a laser hair removal treatment?
The skin surface is damaged to a certain extent after a laser hair removal, and the self-repair mechanism is randomly activated, which means that the selfprotection function of the skin declines and it is sensitive. At this time, further irritation of the skin should be avoided, hence immediate sun bathing is inadvisable.


16. What if I find red spots or swelling after a laser hair removal treatment?
Laser hair removal causes a slight tingling pain, and after the treatment, there may be mild burning sensation, mild papule caused by swelling hair follicles, or erythema on the local skin. Cold compression can be applied.
If the erythema persists, it is recommended to use skin gel containing recombinant human epidermal growth factor externally to enhance healing; edema is accompanied by pain, and it is recommended to externally use mild steroids such as fluticasone propionate.


17. How long is required to completely remove hair with laser?
3 to 5 treatments are recommended generally, 6 to 8, or even 10 treatments may be recommended in some difficult cases. There should be one month between each treatment. In that case, complete removal of hair using laser needs a minimum of 2 months. If 10 laser treatments are needed, it will take 9 months to complete.


18. When is a good time for laser hair removal?
Summer is the season to expose arms and legs, and to show off your smooth skin. As stated earlier, laser hair removal needs at least two months, so it is better to start in the spring, even winter in some difficult cases. Then you will have a worry-free summer when the weather gets hot.


19. Is there any side effect associated with laser hair removal?
No. Many people may think of radiation when they hear about laser, but to be rest assured, as medically used laser is not harmful for human body. Besides, laser hair removal only damages the hair follicles to stop hair growth, and it does no damage to other skin tissues of human body.


20. Is laser hair removal expensive? How much will it cost?
The cost of laser hair removal will vary depending on the area of treatment, but in principle, the larger the area, the higher the cost.

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