6D ~ ZX009 الجملة المياه القائمة وهمية 4d المؤقتة الوشم اللاصق للحصول على الحواجب

FOB مرجع الأسعار:الحصول علي أحدث السعر
$0.15 - $5.50 / قطعة | 1000.0 قطعة / قطع (مين. النظام)
Lead Time:
الكمية( قطع) 1 - 5000 >5000
الوقت المقدر (بالأيام) 3 قابل للتفاوض
تقرير النشاط المشبوه
نظرة عامة
تفاصيل سريعة
ملصق الوشم
8x6" ( 21x15cm ) or in customized
Non-toxin and eco-friendly
Black/ Gray/ Brown/ Colourful
5-7 days on skin
Polybag or in customized
More than 3000 different tattoo designs in stock for sale
Custom order is always welcome
التعبئة والتغليف والتوصيل
تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليف
1 ورقة أو ورقة متعددة لكل بوليباغ ، ثم وضعت في الكرتون تصديرها
Lead Time :
الكمية(Pieces) 1 - 5000 >5000
الوقت المقدر (بالأيام) 3 من المقرر التفاوض فيه



Product Description:

Do you have thin eyebrows? Are you tired of daily drawing of brow makeup? We have a perfect solution for you! Introducing the 3d natural eyebrow tattoo sticker set! 3d natural eyebrow tattoo sticker set are perfect brows sticker that is specially designed to stay as a tattoo in your face temporary. It has a unique design that creates a natural looking brows in seconds! It is specially formulated with premium quality materials and ingredients making it safe and non-irritant to skin. This sticker can paste even coated coverage to your eyebrows for a fuller and fabulous result. It provides a natural dyeing and high-pigmented colors for a more natural effect.3d natural eyebrow tattoo sticker set provides a perfect eyebrow shapes to provide a perfect daily brows.It is more convenient and easier to use. It has different shades to match your skin and hair color. It is perfect for on-the-go women, women who has thin brows, and beginners in doing their makeup.



Q1:Are you manufactory or trade company?

A1:We are a professional manufacturer with more than 10 years’ experience in Ningbo, China.


Q2:How and how long can I get the samples?

A2:The sample fee is free if it is our design, but you need to pay the freight. Also we can make sample according to your design and your requirements. But sample cost will be needed. Usually sample cost can be refundable after you place the order.

The samples time is about 5-7 days. Moreover, it will take about 3-7 days to arrive to your place.


Q3: How about the quality?

A3: Quality is the most important! We have inspector to follow up the order from the beginning to the end. We inspect our product one by one before packing and shipping to make sure the products are what you order and in good condition.


Q4:I want to add my own logo or design on product, is it ok?

A4: Yes, of course. We provide OEM service. You can put your logo of our product and we can make it as you want.


Q5:What information should i let you know if i want to get a quotation?

A5:1) size;2) material;3) need printing or not;4) quantity;5) design;

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