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٢٥٫٠٠ US$ - ٤٠٫٠٠ US$ / كيلوغرام | 1.0 كيلوغرام / كيلوغرام (مين. النظام)
Lead Time:
الكمية( كيلوغرام) 1 - 100 101 - 1000 >1000
الوقت المقدر (بالأيام) 3 7 قابل للتفاوض
تعبئة وتغليف مخصص (Min. Order: 1000 كيلوغرام)
تخصيص رسومات (Min. Order: 1000 كيلوغرام)
٥٠٫٠٠ US$ /كيلوغرام | 1 كيلوغرام (مين. النظام) | شراء عينات
تقرير النشاط المشبوه
نظرة عامة
تفاصيل سريعة
CAS No.:
Other Names:
مكان المنشأ:
Shaanxi, China
white or off-white powder
مواد خام تجميلية, مواد خام منظفة, كيماويات العناية بالشعر
اسم العلامة التجارية:
رقم الموديل:
Chemical name:
Carbopol/carbomer 940
Melting point:
Delivery time:
Particle Size:
100% pass 80mesh
Free samples 10-20G
قدرة العرض
قدرة العرض:
10 Ton/Tons per Month
التعبئة والتغليف والتوصيل
تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليف
1-5kg with ziplock plastic bag inside,Aluminum foil bag outside.finally with waterproof bag.
6-15kg with plastic bag inside,Aluminum foil bag outside,finally with carton box.
More than 16kg with plastic bag inside,fiber drum outside according to the extract quantity.
مثال للصورة:
Lead Time :
الكمية(Kilograms) 1 - 100 101 - 1000 >1000
الوقت المقدر (بالأيام) 3 7 من المقرر التفاوض فيه


Product Description 



Product Name: Carbopol 940 Crude solution (acrylate copolymer)
Grade: Cosmetics Grade/For thick gels, emulsions, suspensions.


The min order quantity: 1kg 
Delivery Detail: 3-7days



Does Carbomer have 934, 940, and 941 models? What's the difference between them?



Mainly due to the difference in viscosity, Carbomer's trade name is carbopol, which is divided into 934, 940, 941 and so on according to viscosity.


1. Carbopol940: short rheology, high viscosity, high definition, low ion resistance and shear resistance, suitable for gels and creams.


2. Carbopol941: long rheology, low viscosity, high definition, medium ion resistance and shear resistance, suitable for gels and emulsions.


3. Carbopol934: cross-linked polyacrylic resin, a local drug delivery system, stable at high viscosity, used in thick gels, emulsions, suspensions.


Carbomer is an acrylic cross-linked resin obtained by cross-linking with acrylic acid, such as pentaerythritol. It is a very important type of rheology modifier. Carbo after neutralization is an excellent gel matrix, which has important uses such as thickening and suspension. , Simple process, good stability, widely used in emulsions, creams, gels.


There are domestic and imported. The specifications are different and the prices are different.






Carbomer is a white loose powder; it has a characteristic slight odor; it has hygroscopicity and is a medicinal auxiliary. Carbomer is an acrylic polymer bonded to allyl sucrose or pentaerythritol allyl ether. Based on the dry product, the carboxylic acid group (—COOH) should be 56.0% -68.0%.


Molecular formula:


Carbomer discolors with m-diphenol and is incompatible with phenol, cationic polymers, strong acids and high concentrations of electrolytes.


There are 11 different models of commonly used carbomers:

1.Carbopol 940;

2. Carbopol 941;

3. Carbopol 934;

4. Carbopol 1342;

5.Carbopol 980;

6. Carbopol ETD 2020;

7. Carbopol AQUA SF-1;

8. carbopol Ultrez 21;

9. Carbopol Ultrez 20;

10. Pemulen TR-1;

11. Pemulen TR-2;


Funcation & Application of  Carbopol 940



Carbopol 940 is used for topical formulations and suitable for preparation of gels, creams and coupling agent. Carbomer and cross-linked acrylic resin as well as series products of these cross-linked polyacrylic acid are widely used at present and are often used in topical lotion, cream and gel. In a neutral environment, Carbomer system is an excellent gel matrix with crystal appearance and nice sense of touch, so Carbomer is suitable for preparation of cream or gel.




Company Information


Factory scene


Packing &Shiping

1. 1KG with Aluminum Bottle

2. 2KG/5KG with plastic bottles

3. 25KG/180KG with plastic drum and irron barrel


Shiping: 3~7working days after payment.

By air / By train/ DHL/ FEDEX/ EMS

Company Name: I DO BIO (XIAN) CO.,LTD


Connect : Miss Wang /Mr Gao.



1.Can I get some samples?
A: Yes, we can supply the free sample, but the shipping cost be paid by our customers.


2: Is there any discount?

A: Sure. Prices are closely related to the purchasing quantity.


3: How to make an order and pay it?


A: Proforma invoice shall be sent to you after confirmation of the order is made. We also accept T/T, Western Union, PayPal, if Alibaba online payment system is beyond you.



4:How long can I get What I bought?


A: Small package is sent via DHL, EMS, FedEx door to door service, about 5-7 days; A larger package is delivered by air about 5-7 days and by sea about 20-30 days accordingly.


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