N2xs2 y مقاوم للماء Cu/XLPE/Cws/Cts/PE MV كابل الطاقة 1x70mm2 18/30kV

FOB مرجع الأسعار:الحصول علي أحدث السعر
١٫٢٥ US$ - ٣٠٫٠٠ US$ / متر | 1000.0 متر / متر (مين. النظام)
٢٦٫٥٠ US$ /متر | 1 متر (مين. النظام) | شراء عينات
الدعم الشحن البحري · الشحن البري · الشحن الجوي
Lead Time:
الكمية( متر) 1 - 2000 >2000
الوقت المقدر (بالأيام) 7 قابل للتفاوض
تخصيص شعار (Min. Order: 1000 متر)
تعبئة وتغليف مخصص (Min. Order: 1000 متر)


تخصيص رسومات (Min. Order: 1000 متر) أقل
تقرير النشاط المشبوه
نظرة عامة
تفاصيل سريعة
مكان المنشأ:
Hebei, China
اسم العلامة التجارية:
Hebei Ronghua كابل
رقم الموديل:
مادة العزل:
متوسطة/عالية الجهد
البناء/الصناعية/التعدين/علوية/تحت الأرض
مادة موصل:
النحاس/الألومنيوم/سبائك الألومنيوم
مجلس التعاون الجمركي
XLPE العزل
1 كور 3 النوى
اسم المنتج:
كابل الطاقة
النحاس النقي
Pakage في القوية طبل خشبي ، أو وفقا للترتيب
1000 متر
قدرة العرض
قدرة العرض:
80000 Meter/Meters per Day
التعبئة والتغليف والتوصيل
تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليف
حزمة في طبل خشبي قوي ، أو وفقا للطلب
Tianjin Port
Lead Time :
الكمية(Meters) 1 - 2000 >2000
الوقت المقدر (بالأيام) 7 من المقرر التفاوض فيه

N2XS2Y Waterproof Cu/XLPE/Cws/Cts/PE MV Power Cable 1x70mm2 18/30kV 

1. Construction:


2. Application:

The cable is suitable for supply, distribution and underground. For laying indoors, in tunnel, cable trench and a pipe, cable unable to bear external mechanical force, cable laid underground be able to bear external mechanical force, but can't under external pressure.


3. Products show:



We are good at making such cbales and we always offer our best prices.

Company Information

Hebei Ronghua Wire and Cable Co.,Ltd was founded in 1984, located in Hejian city, Hebei province,China. 

After 30 years development, we are specialized in the flexible rubber cable,welding cable,waterproof cable,submersible pump cable, XLPE/PVC power cable, control cable, solar cable, submersible oil pump cable, ACSR cable, ABC cable etc. We welcome all kinds of OEM and ODM orders.

Our principles are based on our core values of efficiency, honesty, integrity, and respect for people and the environment. Our continued growth and success are due to your trust, support and loyalty. We are committed to carry on the tradition of earning your business with our superior products and exceptional service.


Our Services

*Advanced connectors & assembly cables machines and testing equipment.

*Large production capacity, short delivery.

*Strict QC checking before delivery.

*OEM/ODM service available, help you on designing.

*Prompt quotation for your inquiry.

*More than 10 years experiences in cable and wire field.

*Professional connector and cable manufacturer, with good quality and competitive price.

*Free samples are available for further evaluation and you are highly welcome to visit our factory anytime.

Packaging & Shipping


Packing Detail:
The cables are usually packaged in wooden drums, plastic or wooden pallet.


Delivery Time:

1) Shipped in 7-15 days according to the quantity and the type of cables.

2) MIN.order:100-1000 meters according to different cables.

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Contact us

We are a manufacture in making and offering cable wires for more than 30 years, we can offer our customers cables with good quality and price.


We Sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate and cooperate with us to make mutual benefit.


We are glad to help your customers to build and improve their owns brands with our best service!!! 

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