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نوع العمل التجاري: الصانع, الشركة التجارية, الموزع/تجار الجملة
نتاج/خدمة: باور بانك ، بطارية مركبة كهربية ، سماعة بلوتوث ، سماعة بلوتوث ، بطارية 18650
الموقع: Guangdong, China
عام التأسيس فيه: 2017
تصدير بداية العام: 2008
عدد الموظفين: 101 - 200 شخص
إجمالي الإيرادات(العام الماضي): Above US$100 Million
الأسواق الرئيسية: شمال أمريكا,جنوب شرق آسيا,شرق أوروبا,جنوب أمريكا,السوق المحلي
متوسط وقت المعالجة: 3 يوماً
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Shenzhen Pirate Captain Trade Co., Ltd. is an integrated group of companies, provide with both R&D, manufacturing and foreign trade business services. Over 15 years of experiences exporting products to all over the world,over 12 years in processing wiring harness assemblies, over 9 years in R & D and manufacturing of electronic calculators and SMT patch, over 8 years of high-quality and lean production goods and services for customers fromJapan and Germany, over 6 years experiences in producing cell phone batteries near Foxconn Longhua branch, over 3 years of experiences R & D & manufacturing 3D VR helmet with remote controllers, we are continuing to optimize ourselves and products. The joint - stock factories mainly locate in Guangdong and one new office in Hongkong, the wiring factory have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14000 certifications , RoHs, UL and CSA certifications, the system effectively enhanced quality management level, and laid a solid foundation for the later development of enterprises. Directed by the management philosophy of "Guarantee the clients with excellent quality of products, win the clients' confidence by the best service, safeguard the clients at the preferential prices, the clients' satification comes first" , consummate technology and specialized group, the teamhave gained the recognition of numerous clients with great reputation around the world.We are honest to our customers, suppliers, employees and the community. With the solemn commitment of " Guest's request,we offer very hard," we protect the excellent quality and perfect service system; with the business integrity of "Maintain fine reputation, Comply with contract ", we work together with the community, to achieve new trend of mutual trust and mutual aid of human; with the policy of "people-oriented", we care staffs, enhance the corporate cohesion; with the broad feelings of "boundless love," we concern the environmental protection, and put the protection of ecological environment and safeguarding of human living space as a sacred mission of our enterprise. Good Corporate philosophy is to make more standardized enterprise system, better art refinement, more humanizing management, we believe, customers, suppliers and employees are backbones and partners in the new era, but also witnesses to the history of our group.

عرض أكثر

سعة الشركة

السعة التجارية شمال أمريكا : 51.00% جنوب شرق آسيا : 12.00% عرض أكثر
سعة الإنتاج حجم المصنع : 1,000-3,000 متر مربع عدد خطوط الإنتاج : 7 عرض أكثر
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