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نوع العمل التجاري: الصانع, الشركة التجارية
نتاج/خدمة: ورقة مربع التعبئة والتغليف ، صندوق تعبئة بلاستيكي ، أنبوب ، نفطة ، ملصقا
الموقع: Guangdong, China
عام التأسيس فيه: 2010
عدد الموظفين: 51 - 100 شخص
إجمالي الإيرادات(العام الماضي): confidential
الأسواق الرئيسية: السوق المحلي,شمال أمريكا,جنوب أمريكا,شرق أوروبا,غرب أوروبا
متوسط وقت المعالجة: 15 يوماً
نبذة عن الشركة

Shenzhen Xin Hong Yang Packaging Products Co., Ltd. was established in No 61.Shunfeng Road, Central Community, Pingdi, Longgang District, ShenZhen, Guangdong, China. The company enjoy the superior geographical location and the convenient transportation.Because it is seated in China's Special Economic Zone-Shenzhen, which is close to HongKong and adjacent to Pearl River Delta. ShenZhen Xin Hong Yang Packaging Products Co., Ltd. has two factories, respectively located in Shenzhen and Dongguan. The company are well equipped with advanced Full-Automatic High-Speed Vacuum-Thermoform Packing Machine, Punch Machine, Full-Automatic High-Potency Box Gluing Machine, Printing Machine, Line Compressing Device, Forming Machine, Stamping Press Machine, Separating Machine and Bags Making Machine. Staff Team: The experienced team include professional Production team, Business team, Design team and Service team, with high efficiency to make high quality products. Specialized Production: The Products of PVC, APET, PP, PETG, PS, GAG, OPS, etc; Products Introduction: Soft Crease Folding Box, The Box of Bottom and Lid, Blister, Card , Stationery Box and Plastic Bags, etc; Range of Application: Cosmetics, Gifts, Electronics, Hardware, Toys, Medicine, Tableware, etc; Process Description: Letterpress Printing, UV Printing, Hot Stamping, Embossing, Intaglio Printing, Silkscreen Printing, Radio-frequency, Superauible, etc; Product Feature: Customized, Exquisite, Beautiful, Elegant , High-End, Best Understanding of the Uniqueness of the Products, Improving the Purchase Desire of Customers; Certification: ISO9001:2008, Disney, SGS, BV; Advertisement Campaign: Hong Kong Exhibition, Alibaba, Google and Baidu Platform, ect; Enterprise Culture: Twice-Yearly Staff Tourism, Learning Opportunity of External Exchange; Foreign Business Experiences: Six-Year Experiences and Cooperatation in Sales with Alibaba, Two-Year Hong Kong Exhibition Experiences; Company Principle: Our company is committed to the philosophy that professional spirit to build excellent quality, and we focus on the business orientation that advanced, system overflow technology and solution provider in the packaging industry. And We follow the business path that people-oriented, management priority and we strongly expand our market and invest more money in research and development. Besides, we persist in making big contribution to our society,and keep pursuing our dream.

عرض أكثر

سعة الشركة

السعة التجارية السوق المحلي : 40.00% شمال أمريكا : 20.00% عرض أكثر
سعة الإنتاج حجم المصنع : 3,000-5,000 متر مربع عدد خطوط الإنتاج : Above 10 عرض أكثر
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