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نوع العمل التجاري: الصانع, الشركة التجارية
نتاج/خدمة: الطحالب DHA النفط, الطحالب DHA مسحوق, Algal ARA oil, الطحالب آرا مسحوق, بيتا كاروتين مسحوق
الموقع: Hubei, China
عام التأسيس فيه: 2011
تصدير بداية العام: 2018
عدد الموظفين: 201 - 300 شخص
إجمالي الإيرادات(العام الماضي): US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
الأسواق الرئيسية: السوق المحلي,أوقيانوسيا,شمال أوروبا,شرق آسيا,جنوب شرق آسيا
الشهادات: FSSC 22000,ISO22000,ISO9001
شهادات المنتج: Halal
متوسط وقت المعالجة: 15 يوماً
نبذة عن الشركة

Hubei Xinhe Biotech Co., Ltd , was located in the city of Xianning which is near the capital city Wuhan,HuBei province. The transportation is convenient ,and the scenery is beautiful in Xianning.For hundred years,Xianning have been enjoying the reputation of "the hometown of hot spring" and "the hometown of sweet-scented osmanthus",and was called "The Jade Pool Garden" in Hubei Province. Hubei Xinhe Biotech Co., Ltd was founded in 2011,and committed to the research,development,production and sales of polyunsaturated fatty acids(PUFAS) like DHA\EPA\ ARA\DPA and so on . The company's registered capital is 80000,000 yuan.The enterprise construction land covers an area of over 333,335 (346000)squaremseters.We had invested about 50,000,000 yuan on Biological Sciences and Technology Institute. The institute construction land covers an aera of 40,000 squaremeters,and the floor area is about 10,000 squaremeters.And have equipped with a full set of advanced equipment. Production base, test room, laboratory, the pilot plants and 100,000 class GMP Standard manufacturing plants are all well prepared. As a leading company in this trade in China, the key factor is introduction and good deployment of innovative talents in the field of science and technology. We have an excellent R&D team, there are over 50 specialists with either PhD, master, and bachelor degree. Also we make cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University,Northeast Agricultural University,Northwest Agriculture and Forestry Universty and other domestic first-class Universties.Till the year of 2017,we have declared 9 China national invention patent,and have been authorized 5 China National Invention Patent licenses,what's more,we have aquired 2 Hubei Scientific and Technological Achivements Registration Certificates. Our company is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 quality management system and FSSC22000 food safety management system, the leading products are DHA,ARA,DPA,EPA,and other omega-3,6,9 powder and oil series.The production scale of its single product is rank first among similar products in china. We are also a comprehensive R&D and production high-tech enterprise, making enzymes, food additives, medicine material and high grade feed additives. We persisting the purpose of "improving intelligence,caring health, loving life" to cheer for your wisdom and health.

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السعة التجارية السوق المحلي : 81.00% أوقيانوسيا : 5.00% عرض أكثر
سعة الإنتاج حجم المصنع : Above 100,000 متر مربع عدد خطوط الإنتاج : Above 10 عرض أكثر
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